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About myself:

From:  San Diego, USA

Nationality:  American

Eye Colour:   Brown

Hair Colour:  Black

Birthday:  1st of August

My favourite things:

Food:  Spaghetti     

Movie:  Across the Universe

Story:  The Alchemist

Holiday Place:  Rome, Italy

Animal: Lion     

Colour:  Pink

Hobbies:  Painting, swimming,

Hiking and reading

My experience with children:

I was an au pair in Hamburg for a year. Before that I worked in a kindergarten located just outside of Kiel. There I was able to work with around 50 kindergarteners for a year, while also helping at the elementary school next door.

I am the oldest of many siblings, and don't remember a time in my life without younger children around me.

I’ve also completed my TOEFL certificate for teaching English as a second langunage.

I joined LolliPops in June 2017.

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