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About myself:

From:  Glasgow, Scotland

Nationality:  British

Eye Colour:   Blue/grey

Hair Colour:  Dark blond

Birthday:  May 22nd

My favourite things:

Food:  Chicken, cheese & spicy food  

Movie:  Singing in the Rain

Story:  Pride and Prejudice

Holiday Place: The coast & Greece

Animal: Penguin   

Colour:  Blue, red and yellow  

Hobbies:  Crochet, handwork, listening to music, nature and cycling

My experience with children:

I have been working as a kindergarten teacher for more that 25 years, with children between the ages of 12 months to 14 years - 10 of those years as an “English Native Speaker” I also have a grown up son who grew up bilingual.

It’s so much fun teaching children songs and nursery rhymes and capturing their attention when reading stories to them.

I’m really looking forward to meeting and teaching your child here in Hamburg!

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